Social Marketing

We specialize in presenting products effectively through social media, providing the best platforms for brands to enhance their product offering and achieve maximum brand awareness in the online community.  Our ultimate goal is to help clients harness the power of the ever-changing social media landscape. These goals will be met through the following strategies…

DESIGN and integrate web & social media architecture into traditional web sites with the expanding arena of online tools and services.

DEVELOP brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and encouraging product adoption.

DOMINATE market segments utilizing a synergistic approach incorporating mission, KPIs, and goals of the client.

INFLUENCE & SHARE Implement innovating campaigns that make end-users want to 'pass it on' to friends an family members within their social networking groups. 

Today, social influence – based on conversations and aggregated opinion – is at the center of how companies seek to drive sales and customer engagement. 

Remember... "social success" happens when 'social' engagement results in loyal and unsolicited ‘social’ promotion.

Mobile Marketing

A customized social marketing strategy mixed with smart audience filtering and mobile engagement are just a few of the ways we contribute to helping our clients achieve the best ROI (Return On Investment). 

Our strengths in mobile engagement are unparalleled.  When creating call-to-action campaigns on mobile devices, we encourage our clients to be prepared for the influx of incoming calls that will come their way.  Our ad network provides us with the best rates that fit the budget of large of small companies.

Statistics show that there are more people using mobile devices than there are people using desktop computers, which means, if you haven't shifted a nice portion of your marketing efforts to mobile by now, you're probably should '86' your digital marketing manager!  

Our Advantage

We have access to the premier ad network that manages billions of search and ad requests with the largest combined network of local and national performance-based advertisers.  


Our ad exchange brings together the largest network of Yellow Pages, search and directional agencies, capturing both national brands and local advertising. We optimize our ad inventory across the most comprehensive base of premier local-search, mapping and navigation partners, representing the finest in quality mobile traffic. This offers advertisers unequaled reach and publishers the largest pool of local advertising.


We start by capturing not only the search term, but time, location, user behavior, device information and more. Through our proprietary algorithm, we match the criteria against the most relevant ads and assign a score based on click, call and check-in conversion rates. By ranking ads on their eCPM, we deliver the most valuable ads throughout our network. 

Below are just a few of the many publisher networks that we can place your Click-to-Call ads on:

Publisher Networks

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